Cleveland Fibre Arts
Contemporary and traditional textile and fibre arts


Cleveland Fibre Arts (CFA) grew out of a small group of rural artists and crafters working in handspinning, weaving, tapestry weaving and associated crafts. The Group became established in 1996 with a committee and monthly meetings at Margrove Heritage Centre. As membership increased, a CFA representative joined Hambleton Arts Council and with their support applied for, and obtained, a small Lottery Grant which enabled us to buy small pieces of equipment and participate in exhibitions.

Members work in a whole range of media including silk, fabric and wool (processing local fleece to spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and felt) and produce quilts, rugs, hand spun and dyed yarns and knitted or crocheted garments, tapestry woven pictures, felted garments, bags and paintings, jewellery, embroidery art and much more.

Our work is inspired by the changing light, colours and textures of the seasonal landscape of the beautiful and dramatic moors, coast and the Cleveland Hills.

CFA products are highly thought of locally, and we are invited every year to exhibit at the prestigious “Inspired by… Gallery” at Danby Moors Centre and across Cleveland and North Yorkshire. In addition, our members attend many other local events - demonstrating and offering visitors and their children the opportunity to “have a go”, as we are keen to promote interest in traditional rural crafts.

Over the years we have had various homes, and are currently back at Margrove, located between the moors and the north east coast, where we continue to meet monthly to share knowledge, keep alive traditional crafts and explore new materials and methods for producing contemporary textile arts.

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